Our Company

Biomimicry is the science of applying Nature’s solutions to human problems. After 3.8 billions years of trial and error, Nature has developed some incredible solutions, and many have human applications.

True to its roots, Global Biomimicry, LLC draws on over 15 years of licensing experience to address a pain point many inventors of biomimetic technologies encounter when they attempt to commercialize their IP…the only option is to start a new company from the ground up. However, many inventors don’t have the time, money, energy, patience, or risk tolerance to start a new business from scratch, so Global Biomimicry offers a viable, and profitable alternative to monetization.  This allows inventors to keep doing what they love (inventing!) and existing businesses to benefit monetarily from revolutionary biomimetic technologies.

As a full-service licensing agency, we identify Win-Win-Win partnerships that financially reward both business owners and patent holders alike, and we guarantee all our technologies are sustainable so our partners can capitalize on a wellspring of positive PR.

Who We Are

Andrew Arentowicz, Co-Founder/CEO Global Biomimicry, LLC:
Drew is an innovation consultant, and founder of Idea Marketplace, a crowdsourced innovation consultancy that connects a brand’s most creative customers with C-level executives in order to accelerate corporate innovation.  Working with companies like State Farm, Pet Smart, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Drew learned first hand the value of innovation to a brand’s bottom line.  After identifying a clear gap in the market for commercializing world-class biomimetic technologies, he married his passion for sustainability with his commitment to profitability, and founded Global Biomimicry.  Drew has a BS from Cornell University, and an MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA.

Jeff Lotman, CEO Global Icons, LLC and Co-Founder Global Biomimicry, LLC:
Jeff first distinguished himself at a multi-billion dollar manufacturing company where he developed and marketed brands for clients such as McDonald’s and Kraft. Leveraging that depth of experience, Jeff founded Global Icons, a full service licensing agency, over 15 years ago and has since garnered a world-class client list that includes BMW, DIAGEO, Ford, Motorola, and others. With a passion for building dynamic brand extensions, Jeff has applied his expertise to successfully elevate each of the world-renowned trademarks and brands he manages. Under Jeff’s creative vision and adroit leadership, Global Icons continues its rapid ascent to the top of a very competitive industry.

Advisory Board

Jay Harman, CEO PAX Scientific, Inc:
An award-winning entrepreneur, author, and biomimetic inventor, Jay Harman has founded and grown multi-million-dollar research and manufacturing companies that develop, patent, and license innovative products, ranging from prize-winning watercraft to interlocking building bricks, afterburners for aircraft engines, and non-invasive technology for measuring blood glucose and other electrolytes. He is credited with being among the first pioneering scientists to make biomimicry a cornerstone of modern and future engineering. His latest ventures—PAX Scientific, PAX Water Technologies, PAX Mixer, and PAX Streamline—design more efficient industrial equipment including refrigeration, turbines, fans, mixers, and pumps based on Jay’s revolutionary concepts.

Francesca Bertone, COO PAX Scientific, Inc:
As Co-Founder of PAX Scientific in 1997, Francesca has overseen the founding, administration, and funding of numerous PAX subsidiaries. Raised in Northern Italy and California, she holds degrees in science and education. In addition to her work as COO of PAX Scientific and board member to its subsidiaries, she is the Executive Director of Nature of Hope, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that promotes biomimicry education.