Current Offerings

Global Biomimicry, LLC is currently licensing PAX Fan technology…the most efficient, and quiet, axial fan and blower technology in the world. From small server fans to large HVAC fans, PAX fans consistently achieve anywhere between a 15% and 50% increase in efficiency over competitive fans, and often cut fan noise in half…saving companies money, and adding significant value to their product lines.

PAX Fan’s revolutionary technology applies Nature’s drag-reduction logarithmic spirals to the science and technology of fan production. Everything that moves through a liquid or gas (whether car, boat, or blade) and every device where liquid or gas moves through it (like a pipe, chimney, or pump) suffers from friction or drag. While engineers have covered the earth in straight lines increasing friction and drag, Nature never uses a straight line for any-thing or any purpose. Nature moves water and other fluids in three-dimensional logarithmic spirals (just consider the human vascular system).  Incredibly, as a result of poorly managed drag or friction, we waste two-thirds of the energy we produce.


Specific benefits of PAX fans include:

1. Cut costs by increasing efficiencies and lowering energy bills. Wasted energy is a waste of money.
2. Mitigated airflow noise. PAX fans produce less noise (friction) due to reduced turbulence.
3. Ease of use. No technology changeover for OEMs. PAX blades can snap into or retrofit existing hubs and fan housings.
4. Reduced capital costs. PAX fans are licensed well below their value-added savings (smaller motors, smaller thermal exchange units).
5. Reduced carbon footprints worldwide.

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Biomimicry in Action:

New to Biomimicry?  Some examples of Biomimicry in action include…Velcro, the most famous, which was inspired by the tenacity of burrs, energy-saving airplane wingtips that mimic the upward curl of an eagle’s wings, self-cleaning paint that mimics the surface of the lotus leaf, buildings that mimic the natural cooling mechanism of termite mounts, solar cells inspired by photosynthesis, bike helmets that mimic the structural design of woodpecker craniums, and powerful residue-free adhesives inspired by gecko’s feet, just to name a few. This exciting field continues to inspire and grow.  Contact us if your technology is ready to join this list of commercial successes.